Founded in 1999 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Metaworks was one of the first handheld software developers to create data collection and reporting solutions for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.

Our product – Mantis® - revolutionized how information was gathered and shared by merchandisers, brokers and mobile marketers.

Mantis has evolved with the needs of our customer base and the rapid changes in mobile and web technologies. It is now a comprehensive framework for any organization with a distributed workforce that needs to ask questions, get answers, and quickly and consistently take action.

Our founding principles remain: build innovative software for real people solving real problems, make it easy to understand and use, be accessible and responsive to ensure our customers' success.

Or, as one of our clients put it: "… your commitment to what you believe in and how you go about servicing (us) day-in and day-out are the reasons we chose Metaworks over all other data companies."

Contact us today to learn how Mantis can support your business.

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