About the Client

EAL Langenfeld Logo Founded in 1960, E.A. Langenfeld Associates offers professional sales, merchandising and installation services for the home center, farm/agricultural, mass merchant, industrial and various other retail channels. EAL prides itself on their enhanced customer service and highly experienced team, product knowledge and market expertise. Through their two subsidiary companies - Langenfeld and TouchPoint 360, they offer a set of services that are unique in their industry, which enables them to help their clients navigate today's increasingly complex, multi-channel world.

The Problem

Langenfeld sells and services thousands of hardware stores throughout North America with a team of more than 35 sales associates. Much of the information, including call reports, surveys, in-store data and promotional campaigns, was collected manually, often requiring a several week lead time to build the individual reports. This caused a delay in the information flow through the reporting teams and to their customers. This delay, along with gaps in information, had an obvious effect on EAL’s business processes and their commitment to their customers. It became clear that they needed an easier, more robust and flexible reporting mechanism. That’s when they turned to Metaworks.

The Solution

In 2006 EAL’s sales associates began using Mantis because it provided them with the flexibility and ease-of-use that they were missing. Using Mantis has provided them with the ability to report on field activities in real-time, drive promotional campaigns, collect in-store data and manage team performance. The knowledge of Metaworks’ team has also benefitted the company because it shortened the learning curve for their reps and got them comfortable and out using their system in a very short amount of time.

Mantis has also not only improved communication in the field, but also enabled EAL to demonstrate results to their customers. The following are examples of how using Mantis has enabled EAL to put together a campaign (project) and show results to their customers within one week.

Key Contact:

Steven B. Henley
Vice President & General Manager

EAL Campaign Chart

EAL Case Study Screenshot

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