Mantis is a complete end-to-end enterprise solution designed to close the communication gap between the office and the field, and ensure a more accurate and consistent flow of information, in real-time.

Mantis operates on any type of mobile device – iPad™, iPhone™, Android phone, BlackBerry® or laptop, and allows field workers, such as merchandisers, manufacturers, auditors and inspectors, to collect, send and receive information while out in the field. This includes product audits, photos of a promotion, surveys of competitive activity, order details, specific tasks, and much more. Once a specific task has been executed and the information is entered on the mobile device, it can then be sent electronically to the office where the web-based portion of Mantis can provide a competitive analysis, identify patterns, build reports and identify actions as required. And all of this information can be used immediately by you and your customers for intelligent decision making.

Out in the field:
  • access real-time, actionable information
  • execute activities faster
  • ensure there are no distribution voids
  • answer flexible questionnaires
  • execute surveys via easy-to-use interface on multiple devices
  • trigger alerts directing critical initiatives
  • track what has been done
In the office:
  • generate customized reports
  • analyze only the data you are interested in
    – whether it is a specific product, promotion or activity
  • immediately respond to each and everyone one of your client’s needs
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