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Mantis Verticals
"Metaworks is our technology partner in retaining and acquiring customers. Metaworks’ responsiveness and attention to detail is a great fit with our customer service philosophy."
Barbara Donald, CFO,
AS May Powell Corporation
Mantis Testimonials
"[Metaworks] are a very flexible, nimble and quick team… Mantis is user friendly and easy to navigate allowing our people to sell more and fill out reports less…"
Steve Henley, VP & General Manager,
E.A. Langenfeld Associates
"Always professional. Always accessible. The Harlow-HRK teams overall response to Mantis was YES! YES!"
Bob Wilkinson, Regional Coordinator - East,
Harlow-HRK Sales & Marketing Inc.
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"In 2006 EAL’s sales associates began using Mantis because it provided them with the flexibility and ease-of-use that they were missing. Using Mantis has provided them with the ability to report on field activities in real-time, drive promotional campaigns, collect in-store data and manage team performance. The knowledge of Metaworks’ team has also benefitted the company because it shortened the learning curve for their reps and got them comfortable and out using their system in a very short amount of time."
Mantis Case Study
Mantis Features: Photos

Mantis allows you to take photos in the field to record current displays, competitive activity and to provide proof of completed work. The photos are uploaded to the management system for use in reports for you and your clients. Attach images to user profiles, and send photos to your reps in the field so that they can view the latest promotions, display set ups, and products.

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